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Table 1 Modification of AHAS for BCAAs production

From: Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for producing branched chain amino acids

Host Mutation sites of AHAS Titer of BCAAs (shake flask) (g/L) Substrate References
C. glutamicum ATCC13032 G20D/I21D/I22F l-Valine: 15.2 Glucose [27]
C. glutamicum A-1 Truncating 53 amino acids from ilvN C-terminus l-Valine: 11.2 Glucose [35]
C. glutamicum ATCC14067 A42V/A89V l-Valine: 10.1 Glucose [34]
C. glutamicum KCCM11201P W503Q/T96S l-Valine: 3.40 Glucose [36]
C. glutamicum KCCM11662P W503Q l-Leucine: 3.40 Glucose [36]