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Table 4 Riboflavin accumulation of P. pastoris strains, with an increasing number of deregulated RIB genes

From: Overexpression of the riboflavin biosynthetic pathway in Pichia pastoris

Strain Riboflavin in supernatant
X-33 PRC RIB1 6.9 mg/L +/- 0.17
X-33 PRC RIB1+3 9.1 mg/L +/- 0.25
X-33 PRC RIB1+3+7 10.2 mg/L +/- 0.17
X-33 PRC RIB1+3+7+5 13.2 mg/L +/- 0.47
X-33 PRC RIB1+3+7+5+2 14.9 mg/L +/- 0.76
X-33 PRC RIB1+3+7+5+2+4 20.2 mg/L +/- 0.83
  1. The cells were cultivated in shake flasks on defined medium and glucose as carbon source. Shake flask experiments and HPLC measurements were run in duplicates. Mean values +/- standard deviations are given.