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Table 1 Overview of the PPTases used in this study

From: Speed dating for enzymes! Finding the perfect phosphopantetheinyl transferase partner for your polyketide synthase

PPTase Origin Size (aa) Accession number
Gsp B. brevis 242 CAA53988.1
Sfp B. subtilis 224 WP_101501862.1
SpPPT1 S. pombe 258 SPAC17C9.02c
NpgA A. nidulans 344 AN6140.2
FgPPT1 F. graminearum 309 FGSG_08779
FsPPT1 F. solani 315 NECHADRAFT_35672
FvPPT1 F. verticillioides 292 FVEG_01894