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Table 2 Total concentrations of co-cultures grown on xylan and glucose measured via lyophilization (left) and calculated using the individual species absorbance measurements (Fig. 6; Additional file 6) and the absorbance/concentration correlations in Table 1 (right)

From: Non-destructive quantification of anaerobic gut fungi and methanogens in co-culture reveals increased fungal growth rate and changes in metabolic flux relative to mono-culture

Substrate Measured co-culture concentration (mg/mL) Calculated co-culture concentration (mg/mL) p
Xylan 0.472 ± 0.006 0.442 ± 0.028 0.2005
Glucose 0.504 ± 0.016 0.505 ± 0.042 0.9721
  1. On both substrates, the calculated concentration is not significantly different from the measured concentration