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Table 6 Main absorption peaks and vibrational assignment with functional groups interpretation of L. plantarum strain TA4 exposed with Zn2+

From: Sustainable microbial cell nanofactory for zinc oxide nanoparticles production by zinc-tolerant probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum strain TA4

Absorption peak (cm−1)Vibrational assignmentFunctional groupReferences
3273.16O–H stretching and N–H asymmetric stretchingAmine and hydroxyl[75]
1614.88C=O stretchingAmide I[45]
1550.42N–H bendingAmide II[45]
1423.64CH2/CH3 bendingLipids and proteins peptide[76]
1367.59C=O of COO symmetric stretchingCarboxylate[19]
1221.1P=O. P–OPhosphate[45]
1095.79C–C=O, C–O–PHydroxyl from saccharides, phosphoprotein[74, 77]