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Fig. 5

From: Engineering of Streptomyces lividans for heterologous expression of secondary metabolite gene clusters

Fig. 5

LC-MS analysis of S. lividans ΔYA9 with and without BAC2I4. Base peak chromatogram of ethyl acetate extracts of S. lividans ΔYA9 (blue) and S. lividans ΔYA9/BAC2I4 (red) grown in DNPM medium for 6 days. The new PBDs are marked as 1 (RT 8.0 min, m/z 259.14 [M+H]+), 2 (8.2 min, m/z 243.14 [M+H]+) and 3 (9.3 min, m/z 273.15 [M+H]+). Samples were separated with the 20 min gradient protocol

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