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Table 3 Strains used in this study

From: Rational engineering of Kluyveromyces marxianus to create a chassis for the production of aromatic products

Strain Genotype Source
NBRC1777 Wild-type NITE Biological Resource Center
KmASR.006 NBRC1777 ura3-1 [27]
KmASR.008 NBRC1777 ura3-1 his3-2 [27]
KmASR.004 KmASR.006 pA1f/A4f-U This work
KmASR.009 KmASR.006 pChor/A4f This work
KmASR.010 KmASR.006 pAAA/Phe This work
KmASR.021 KmASR.008 pAAA/Phe pPPP This work
KmASR.029 KmASR.008 aro4-1 aro7-1 This work
KmASR.039 KmASR.029 dnl4-2 This work
KmASR.046 KmASR.039 dnl4-2 aro3∆::pI6-AAA/Phe This work
KmASR.047 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-PPP This work
KmASR.056 KmASR.004 pTKAL This work
KmASR.057 KmASR.004 pPPP-ENO This work
KmASR.058 KmASR.004 pPPP-A27 This work
KmASR.059 KmASR.004 pPPP-A28 This work
KmASR.060 KmASR.004 pPPP-A26 This work
KmASR.062 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-TKAL This work
KmASR.063 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-TKAL-ENO This work
KmASR.064 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-TKAL-A26 This work
KmASR.065 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-TKAL-A27 This work
KmASR.070 KmASR.004 pP6B18T6 This work
KmASR.071 KmASR.004 pB18-A27 This work
KmASR.072 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-B18-A10 This work
KmASR.074 KmASR.004 pB18-A10 This work
KmASR.075 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-B18-A27 This work
KmASR.047kd KmASR.047 dnl4-2 TYR1pr∆::GDH2pr This work
KmASR.047kd2 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 TYR1pr∆::REV1pr This work
KmASR.078 KmASR.004 pB18-A28 This work
KmASR.082 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P6B18T6 This work
KmASR.085 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-B18-B15-A27 This work
KmASR.086 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4- B18-B20-A27 This work
KmASR.087 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-P1A11T5 This work
KmASR.092 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P6B18T6 This work
KmASR.093 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-B18-B15 This work
KmASR.095 KmASR.046 dnl4-2 lac4∆::pI1-P8A9T1 This work
KmASR.099 KmASR.004 pP6B23T6 This work
KmASR.100 KmASR.004 pP16BA27T3 This work
KmASR.101 KmASR.004 pP16BA26T3 This work
KmASR.102 KmASR.004 pP6B14T6 This work
KmASR.103 KmASR.004 pP6B17T6 This work
KmASR.107 KmASR.004 pP16BA28T3 This work
KmASR.108 KmASR.004 pP16BA29T3 This work
KmASR.109 KmASR.004 pP16BA10T3 This work
KmASR.111 KmASR.004 pP16BA37T3 This work
KmASR.112 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 aro8∆1 This work
KmASR.115 NBRC1777 dnl4-1 I4∆::pI4-PEM This work
KmASR.117 KmASR.112 dnl4-2 TYR1pr::REV1pr This work
KmASR.119 KmASR.062 dnl4-2 TYR1pr::REV1pr aro8∆1 This work
KmASR.120 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA27T3 This work
KmASR.121 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA10T3 This work
KmASR.122 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-PEM This work
KmASR.123 KmASR.062 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-PEM This work
KmASR.127 KmASR.117 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA10T3 This work
KmASR.129 KmASR.117 dnl4-2 I2∆::pI2-B95-G418 This work
KmASR.141 KmASR.004 pP16BA39T3 This work
KmASR.142 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA29T3 This work
KmASR.149 KmASR.046 dnl4-2lac4∆::pI1-B38-HIS This work
KmASR.154 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA37T3 This work
KmASR.155 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA37T3 This work
KmASR.157 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA39T3 This work
KmASR.158 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P20A30fT7 This work
KmASR.169 KmASR.047 dnl4-2 I4∆::pI4-P16BA26T3 This work
KmASR.170 KmASR.117 dnl4-2 I2∆::pI2-B78-G418 This work