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Table 3 Applications of type V CRISPR/Cas systems in bacteria, including genome editing and transcriptional regulation

From: Application of different types of CRISPR/Cas-based systems in bacteria

Cas protein Species Strategy and type of modifications Reference
FnCas12a C. glutamicum Genome editing, 2 nucleotide substitutions 100% [96]
FnCas12a E. coli Genome editing, 3 heterologous genes were simultaneously inserted (20%) [95]
FnCas12a S. coelicolor Genome editing, knocked out (100%) [93]
AsCas12a C. difficile Multiple genome editing [94]
FndCas12a (D917A) Y. lipolytica CRISPRi (85%) [100]
AsdCas12a (E993A) E. coli Multiplex gene regulation [98]