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Table 5 Plasmids and strains used in this study

From: Metabolic engineering and transcriptomic analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae producing p-coumaric acid from xylose

Name Parental plasmids Description Reference
 pCfB258   Integrative plasmid, pX-4-loxP, SpHIS5, PTEF1-TADH1, PGKp1-TCYC1 [21]
 pCfB390   Integrative plasmid, pXI-3-loxP, KlURA3, PTEF1-TADH1, PPGK1-TCYC1 [21] ]
 pCfB258   Integrative plasmid, pX-4-loxP, SpHIS5, PTEF1-TADH1, PPGK1-TCYC1 [21]
 pCfB0826   Integrative plasmid, pX-4-LoxP, SpHiS5, PTEF1-ScAro7fbr-TADH1, PPGK1-ScAro4fbr-TCYC1 [44]
 pCfB1964   Integrative plasmid, pX-2-loxP, KlURA3, PTEF1-Fj_TAL-TADH1 [44]
 pCfB2747 pCfB3034 Integrative plasmid, X-3, PPGK1- EcaroL, KlLEU2 [44]
 pCfB3524 pCfB390 Integrative plasmid, pXI-3-loxP, KlURA3, BB380 (Fj_TAL<-), BB010 (<-PTEF1-PPGK1->), BB0501 (EcaroL->) This study
Name Description Reference  
 ST2488 CEN.PK 113-3C/pRS314-X123 (PTDH3-PsXYL1, PTDH3-PsXYL2, PTDH3-PsXYL3 TRP1) TRP1 ura3Δ his3Δ leu2Δ [56]  
 ST4274 CMB.GS010Δaro10::Leu27/pRS314-X123 (PTDH3-PsXYL1, PTDH3-PsXYL2, PTDH3-PsXYL3 TRP1) Δpdc5::Kanmx TAL AroL::URA3 Aro7-Aro4::His5 This study