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Table 1 The sucrose-producing Synechocystis strains generated and compared in this study

From: Redirecting photosynthetic electron flux in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 by the deletion of flavodiiron protein Flv3

Strain ID Genetic background OE target(s) Expression plasmid
S01 Wild-type CscB pDF-lac2-cscB-CmR
S01:Δflv3 Δflv3 CscB pDF-lac2-cscB-CmR
S01:compl Δflv3 CscB + Flv3 pDF-lac2-cscB-flv3-CmR
S02 ΔggpS CscB + SPS pDF-lac2-cscB-sps-CmR
S02:Δflv3 Δflv3 + ΔggpS CscB + SPS pDF-lac2-cscB-sps-CmR
  1. The enzymes targeted for inactivation and over-expression are Flv3 (flavodiiron protein 3 from Synechocystis), GGPS (glucosylglycerolphosphate synthase from Synechocystis), CscB (sucrose permease from E. coli), and SPS (sucrose phosphate synthase from Synechocystis)