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Table 1 Annotation and predicted function of genes in hcd cluster

From: Exploring novel herbicidin analogues by transcriptional regulator overexpression and MS/MS molecular networking

Gene Name Size (aa) Identities BLAST annotation
smo5214 hcdR3 261   Transcriptional regulator, SARP family
smo5216 hcdT 503   Major facilitator transporter
smo5217 hcdG 367 her10 (68.83%) O-Methyltransferase
smo5218 hcdH 540 Her9 (685.54%) Beta-lactamase
smo5219 hcdF 286 Her8 (63.50%) Methyltransferase
smo5220 hcdD 370 anmD (65.26%)/her7 (74.93%) Oxidoreductase
smo5221 hcdE 435 anmE (55.30%)/her6 (71.56%) Radical SAM domain protein
smo5222 hcdC 372 anmC (52.82%)/her5 (56.23%) Oxidoreductase/dehydrogenase
smo5223 hcdB 558 anmB (56.24%)/her4 (64.43%) S-Adenosine-l-homocysteine hydrolase
smo5225 hcdR2 930 her12 (30.43%) LuxR family transcriptional regulator
smo5226 hcd3 2613   Beta-ketoacyl synthase
smo5227 hcd2 348   Polyprenyl synthetase
smo5228 hcd1 359   Terpene synthase/cyclase metal-binding domain protein
smo5236 hcdR1 227   SARP family transcriptional regulator