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Fig. 5

From: Exploring novel herbicidin analogues by transcriptional regulator overexpression and MS/MS molecular networking

Fig. 5

EMSA analysis of HcdR2 with the postulated promoter regions of the hcd-like clusters. a Three hcd-like clusters with promoter regions analyzed in EMSA experiments. Black lines above the ORFs are DNA fragments containing HcdR2 consensus binding motif(s), and gray lines are DNA fragments containing no consensus binding motif. b EMSA assays of 5′ biotin-labeled fragments hcdR2-Bp and hcdT-2p with purified HcdR2. The minus indicates probe only, and the plus indicates probe incubated with HcdR2 at a certain concentration. C indicates probe incubated a certain concentration of HcdR2 with a 200-fold excess of unlabeled specific competitor DNA fragment. c Competition reactions of 5′ biotin-labeled hcdT-2p probe incubated with 400 nM HcdR2. 200-fold excess of unlabeled competitor DNA fragments were added respectively. 1–4 represent hcdT-2p, her3p from Streptomyces sp. L-9-10, Bp from Streptomyces sp. V2 and hcdR1p respectively

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