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Fig. 2

From: TgSWO from Trichoderma guizhouense NJAU4742 promotes growth in cucumber plants by modifying the root morphology and the cell wall architecture

Fig. 2

Architecture, phylogenetic analysis of TgSWO proteins, and the expression of the different FRDP. a Phylogenetic analysis results of the TgSWO protein from NJAU4742 compared with that from other fungi; the bootstrap values are shown at each node. b The analysis results of individual domains of TgSWO from NJAU4742 strain, and different FRDP of TgSWO are marked with different colors. c The diagram of the different FRDP based on TgSWO; the domains are represented by colored rectangles. d The SDS-PAGE analysis results of recombinant TgSWO, ΔCBD protein, and ΔYoaJ proteins. M was the markers; lane 1 represents the cell lysate; lane 2 indicates the effluents; and lane 3 refers to the electrophoretic proteins

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