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Table 3 Summary of microbial production of isobutanol

From: Reconstruction of metabolic pathway for isobutanol production in Escherichia coli

Host Genotype (knockout) Pmax (g/L) Yield (g/g) References
E. coli MG1655 ΔpgiΔgntRΔgnd
(Available for an endogenous ED pathway)
15.0 0.37 This study
E. coli MG1655 ΔpflBΔldhAΔackA-pta
(Carrying an exogenous ED pathway)
13.7 0.31 [16]
E. coli BW25113 ΔadhEΔldhAΔfrdBC
(EM pathway)
22 0.35 [15]
C. glutamicum ATCC13032 ΔaceEΔpqoΔilvEΔldhA
Δmdh (EM pathway)
13 0.2 [23]
B. subtilis ΔldhA (EM pathway) 2.62 N.E. [24]
  1. NE, not estimated