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Fig. 1

From: High dissolved oxygen tension triggers outer membrane vesicle formation by Neisseria meningitidis

Fig. 1

Influence of the growth rate on OMV release in a N. meningitidis accelerostat. a The optical density (black squares) and the carbon dioxide evolution rate of the accelerostat culture (grey line). b The increase of the dilution rate (black line, aD of 0.0055 h−2), the actual measured dilution rate (diamonds). c The resulting specific OMV productivity (mg of total protein (TP) per liter culture of OD590 per hour ) at different dilution rates for the accelerostat (solid circles) and chemostats (open circles). Vesicles were purified from the accelerostat at different dilution rates and the size of the purified OMVs is shown in d. Error bars represent the standard deviation of the measurement. The protein composition of the OMVs is analyzed by SDS-PAGE (e). Lane 1 contains a molecular weight marker and lane 2–8 contain sOMVs purified at increasing dilution rates

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