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Table 3 Transformation efficiency for pJP067 and organization of the specificity unit hsdsA ans hsdsB in mutants generated after transformation of pJP042

From: Genome alterations associated with improved transformation efficiency in Lactobacillus reuteri

Strain HsdSA HsdSB Transformation efficiency (TE) for pJP067 SD TE of pJP067
TRD at 5′ TRD at 3′ TRD at 5′ TRD at 3′
LR 6475 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 1.33E+00 0.58
LR 4659 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 1.00E+00 1
LJO1 TRD1 TRD4 TRD3 TRD2 5.10E+03 3.27E+03
LJO8 TRD1 TRD4 TRD3 TRD2 8.47E+05 2.61E+05
LJO3 TRD3 TRD4 TRD1 TRD2 1.09E+06 5.62E+05
Clone B1 TRD3 TRD2 TRD1 TRD4 0.00E+00 0
Clone B2 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 1.50E+03 8.89E+02
Clone B3 TRD1 TRD4 TRD3 TRD2 2.23E+04 1.41E+04
Clone B4 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 8.33E+03 3.66E+03
Clone B5 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 0.00E+00 0
Clone S1 TRD1 TRD4 TRD3 TRD2 0.00E+00 0
Clone S2 TRD3 TRD2 TRD1 TRD4 5.00E+01 26.46
Clone S3 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 7.27E+02 5.36E+02
Clone S4 TRD3 TRD4 TRD1 TRD2 1.35E+05 8.32E+04
Clone S5 TRD1 TRD2 TRD3 TRD4 7.31E+02 4.19E+02