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Table 2 Description of trgA mutations generated in LR 6475 when transformed with pSH71 derivatives

From: Genome alterations associated with improved transformation efficiency in Lactobacillus reuteri

Plasmid DNA mutation position Base reference SNP Amino acid ref trgA Amino acid mutation
pJP042 490 C A Glutamine Lysine
1283 G A Glycine Aspartic acid
1506 G C Methionine Isoleucine
1750 C A Proline Threoninea
1991 G A Glycine Glutamic acid
2004 G C Methionine Isoleucine
pSIP411 598 Deletion of 202 bp
928 C T Glutamine Stop codon
1223 C T Serine Leucine
1534 C A Glutamine Lysine
1564 C T Arginine Cysteine
1838 C A Serine Stop codon
1915 C T Glutamine Sop codon
2099 G A Tryptophan Stop codon
pJP067 1231, 1235 G, A A, G Glycine, lysine Arginine, arginineb
Completion deletion of the genec
pNZ8048 80 A G Glutamic acid Glycine
  1. aLJO1 mutation
  2. bLJO8 mutation
  3. cLJO3 mutation