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Fig. 4

From: Real-time monitoring of the budding index in Saccharomyces cerevisiae batch cultivations with in situ microscopy

Fig. 4

Performance of S. cerevisiae batch cultivations: a OD600 of cultures monitored with the probe MM-Ho and MM 2.1 and the respective glucose concentration, b ethanol and lactate concentrations. The standard deviation between experimental points and curve fits (spline function) are 0.46 (OD600), 1.2 g L−1 (glucose), 0.3 g L−1 (ethanol), and 0.2 g L−1 (lactic acid concentrations). c Budding index as determined with the probe MM-Ho and MM 2.1, and the specific growth rate. Experimental data is represented with dots, curve fits with straight lines

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