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Table 1 Summary of previously existing subcellular annotation and comparison with SToPSdb

From: Comprehensive subcellular topologies of polypeptides in Streptomyces

  Proteome annotation Unit of measure Uniprot SToPSdb
S. lividans TK24 (total proteome)   Number of proteins 7322 7505
Subcellular topology annotations Existing Number or proteins 2153 7494
% of reference proteome 29% >99%
Contradicting topology annotations between Uniprot and SToPSdb Number or proteins 12 12
Missing/unresolved Number or proteins 5169 11
% of reference proteome 71% < 1%
  1. Approximately 30% of the S. lividans TK24 proteins contains proteome annotation for topology in Uniprot (2153 out of 7322). For 12 proteins Uniprot and SToPSdb were not in agreement. Protein topology for this strain was assigned de novo in SToPSdb leaving a small fraction of 11 proteins without topological annotation. Proteins annotated only in one of the two resources are labeled as “Unique (total)”