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Fig. 7

From: Specific features of l-histidine production by Escherichia coli concerned with feedback control of AICAR formation and inorganic phosphate/metal transport

Fig. 7

Strains expressing the phoBDBD gene. 1 KF37 [ΔyibH::TcR-phoBDBD], 2 KF37 [∆yibH::TcR-phoBDBD], 3 KF37 [ΔyibH::KmR-PlacUV5-phoBDBD]. 4 KF37 [ΔyibH::PlacUV5-phoBDBD], 5 KF37 [ΔyibH::PlacUV5-phoBDBD], 6 KF37, 7 MG1655 and 8 MG1655 [ΔyibH::PlacUV5-phoBDBD] after overnight incubation on LB agar supplemented with 50 mg/L BCIP without (a) and with (b) 500 µM IPTG addition

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