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Fig. 5

From: Specific features of l-histidine production by Escherichia coli concerned with feedback control of AICAR formation and inorganic phosphate/metal transport

Fig. 5

AP enzymatic activity under conditions of Pi limitation in His-producing and non-producing E. coli strains with different pitA alleles. MG1655, wild-type MG1655; MG1655 ∆pitA, MG1655 [ΔpitA::KmR]; KF37, MG1655+purR P his hisL′hisGE271KDCBHAFI]; KF37 ∆pitA, KF37 [ΔpitA:: KmR]. Average data from 3 independent experiments are represented, and error bars show the standard deviation (SD). PhoA enzymatic activity was analyzed 24 h after Pi exhaustion

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