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Table 3 Comparison of Tm, refolding and binding kinetics for EBOV GP binders and their derivatives

From: Selection, characterization, and thermal stabilization of llama single domain antibodies towards Ebola virus glycoprotein

Clone name Tm (°C) Refolding (%) ka (1/Ms) kd (1/s) KD (M)
EBOV-GP-G6 72 77 7.0 E+04 1.5E−04 2.0E−09
EBOV-GP-G6-neg+ 87 67 3.5E+03 1.5E−04 4.4E−08
EBOV-GP-H7 70 97 1.7E+04 3.0E−04 1.7E−08
EBOV-GP-H7-neg+ 87 85 3.5E+04 1.4E−03 4.0E−08
EBOV-GP-A8 57 0 3.1E+04 7.2E−05 2.3E−09
EBOV-GP-A8-neg+ 73 0 6.1E+04 5.8E−05 9.5E−10
EBOV-GP-A8-fneg+ 74 66 1.3E+05 9.1E−05 6.9E−10
  1. Three of the GP binding sdAbs showing the highest melting temperatures and/or best affinities were subject to mutagenesis to improve their stability. Melting temperature and refolding ability were measured by CD