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Table 1 Morphological characteristics of the tropical riverbed bacterial isolates

From: Facile aerobic construction of iron based ferromagnetic nanostructures by a novel microbial nanofactory isolated from tropical freshwater wetlands

No. Isolate Colony morphology No. Isolate Colony morphology
1 MS1 Circular, raised, yellow 13 MS13 Irregular, concave, white
2 MS2 Creamish, umbonate, 14 MS14 Irregular, convex, pale yellow
3 MS3 Circular, flat, milky white 15 MS15 Circular, raised, pale peach
4 MS4 Circular, raised, peach 16 MS16 Circular, flat, red
5 MS5 Circular, flat, orange 17 MS17 Irregular, flat orange
6 MS6 Circular, raised green 18 MS18 Irregular, raised, yellow
7 MS7 Circular, flat, pale yellow 19 MS19 Irregular, white, convex
8 MS8 Irregular, raised, yellow 20 MS20 Irregular, creamish, flat
9 MS9 Circular, raised, white 21 MS21 Circular, convex, brown
10 MS10 Circular, raised, orange 22 MS22 Circular, raised, dark yellow
11 MS11 Circular, convex, purple 23 MS23 Threadlike projections, white
12 MS12 Circular, convex yellow 24 MS24 Circular, convex, black
  1. All positive bacterial isolates formed colonies on NA and were stored at room temperature