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Fig. 1

From: Soluble polymorphic bank vole prion proteins induced by co-expression of quiescin sulfhydryl oxidase in E. coli and their aggregation behaviors

Fig. 1

Comparison of the soluble over-expression of full-length Bank vole PrP 109M in the presence and absence of QSOX in E. coli. a Coomassie blue staining of SDS-PAGE gel (15%) shows the expression of rBVPrP in presence of QSOX: lanes 1–3 with QSOX: 1, total E. coli lysate; 2, insoluble fraction; 3, soluble fraction. Lanes 4–6 without QSOX: 4, total E. coli lysate; 5, insoluble fraction; 6, soluble fraction. b Western blotting of rBVPrP. The blot was probed with anti-His-tag antibody. The black arrows indicate the rBVPrP

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