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Fig. 1

From: Improved γ-linolenic acid production in Mucor circinelloides by homologous overexpressing of delta-12 and delta-6 desaturases

Fig. 1

Overexpression of D12, D61 and D62 genes. a Structure of plasmids pMAT1552-D12, pMAT1552-D61 and pMAT1552-D62 for D12, D61 and D62 genes overexpressing in M. circinelloides are shown. Black boxes indicate coding region of the desaturase genes. b PCR amplification of genome of control strain (Mc-1552), wide-type strain (M. circinelloides CBS 277.49) and desaturase gene overexpressing strains (Mc-D12, Mc-D61 and Mc-D62) with the primers P3-F and P3-R. Every three transformants in the overexpressing strains and control strain were screened and cultivated in 500 ml flasks containing 100 ml K&R medium for 24 h at 30 °C with shaking at 150 rpm. Then, genomic DNA from these transformants was extracted and verified by PCR amplicfication. M, Gene Ruler DNA Ladder Mix, 13, three transformants for Mc-1552, sequentially Mc-1552-1, Mc-1552-2, Mc-1552-3, 46, three transformants for Mc-D12, sequentially Mc-D12-1, Mc-D12-2, Mc-D12-3, 79, three transformants for Mc-D61, sequentially Mc-D61-1, Mc-D61-2, Mc-D61-3, 1012, three transformants for Mc-D62, sequentially Mc-D62-1, Mc-D62-2, Mc-D62-3, 13, M. circinelloides CBS 277.49

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