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Fig. 1

From: Production and characterization of a novel antifungal chitinase identified by functional screening of a suppressive-soil metagenome

Fig. 1

SDS-PAGE analysis of proteins from recombinant E. coli BL21 Star™(DE3) cells. E. coli BL21 Star™(DE3)/pET24b(+) cells: soluble (lane 1) and insoluble (lane 3) fractions; E. coli BL21 Star™(DE3)/pET24b(+)::chi18H8 cells: soluble (lane 2) and insoluble (lane 4) fractions. In each lane, samples corresponding to 0.5 mL of cell culture were loaded. Std reference protein, His6-GO (2.5 μg, 42.66 kDa), LMW standard proteins. Cells were grown in LB medium, protein expression was induced at the early exponential phase by adding 0.4 mM IPTG, and cells were harvested after 24 h incubation at 37 °C. Chi18H8 protein spot is indicated by an arrow

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