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Table 1 Aspergillus strains used in this study

From: Highly active promoters and native secretion signals for protein production during extremely low growth rates in Aspergillus niger

Strain Genotype Source
MDH18894 A. giganteus wild type [12]
N402 A. niger wild type [13]
AB4.1 A. niger pyrG isolate [14]
PK2.9 AB4.1 transformed with pCH8.1 (Panafp::mluc), pyrG + This work
PK4.3 AB4.1 transformed with pPK4.1 (PhfbD::mluc), pyrG + This work
FW23.7 AB4.1 transformed with pFW4.4 (Panafp:: SSanafp::afp), pyrG + This work
MA170.27 AB4.1 transformed with PCR product of pCH3.3(Panafp::spyrG AO ::Tanafp) → Δanafp, pyrG + This work
FW6.6 MA170.27 transformed with pFW2.52 (PhfbD::SShfbD::afp), hygR + , pyrG + This work
MA237 AB4.1 transformed with pEN1 (Panafp::SSanafp::thp), pyrG + This work
MA238 AB4.1 transformed with pEN2 (PhfbD::SShfbD::thp), pyrG + This work