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Table 3 Monomer composition of medium chain length PHA produced by P. putida KT2440 under nitrogen limitation

From: Integrated analysis of gene expression and metabolic fluxes in PHA-producing Pseudomonas putida grown on glycerol

Nitrogen limitation Monomer composition (%)
C6 C8 C10 C12:1 C12 C14:0
High dilution rate <0.1 17.2 74.3 3.1 5.3 <0.1
Low dilution rate <0.1 18.1 75.5 1.8 4.5 0.8
  1. The data were determined by GC/MS and are given as relative molar fraction (%) of C6: 3-hydroxyexanoate, C8: 3-hydroxyoctanoate, C10:3-hydroxydecanoate, C12: 3-hydroxydodecanoate, C12:1: 3-hydroxy-5-cis-dodecanoate, and C14: 3-hydroxytetradecanoate