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Table 8 Transcriptional levels of some genes in the ∆amyR strain

From: The amyR-deletion strain of Aspergillus niger CICC2462 is a suitable host strain to express secreted protein with a low background

Gene ID FPKM FDR Description
An18g04840 6672.67 0 Elongation factor 1-alpha
An14g07060 6607.56 2.19E−07 Nitroreductase family protein
An03g06410 6318.12 0 C-4 methylsterol oxidase
An04g06510 5952.65 5.22E−121 Polyubiquitin
An08g04880 5706.63 0 Hypoxia induced family protein
An18g04220 5123.75 0 ADP/ATP carrier protein
An18g06650 5094.63 5.13E−87 Heat shock protein