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Table 6 Positions of the possible amyR binding sites

From: The amyR-deletion strain of Aspergillus niger CICC2462 is a suitable host strain to express secreted protein with a low background

Gene ID Coding strand Non-coding strand Coding strand Non-coding strand
An03g06550 −423 to −436 None −192 to 205
−688 to −701
−320 to −333 Glucoamylase
An11g03340 None None None None Acid-stable alpha-amylase
An12g06930 −249 to −262 None None None Alpha-amylase
An04g06920 −191 to −204
−574 to −587
None None None Alpha-glucosidase
An01g10930 None −904 to −917 -655 to -668 None Alpha/beta-glucosidase agdC
An06g00190 None None None None Tripeptidyl-peptidase sed2
An06g00310 None None None None Carboxypeptidase S1
An01g00370 None None None None aspartic endopeptidase (AP1)
An07g08030 None None None None Serine-type carboxypeptidase F
An15g03940 −554 to −567 None None None Glucose transporter rco-3
An12g07450 None None −702 to −715
−885 to −898
−867 to −880 Sugar transporter
An01g00850 None None −758 to −771 None Sugar transporter
An02g00590 None −857 to 870 −602 to 615 −950 to −963 Sugar transporter
  1. The numbers represent the positions of the 5′ and 3′ ends of the amyR binding site with the putative translational start site as +1