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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of novel inducible promoter/repressor systems for recombinant protein expression in Lactobacillus plantarum

Fig. 1

Promoter region sequences of PxylA, PlacA and PlacSynth. Nucleotide sequence from repressor to start codon of mCherry are shown (region within dotted square). The mCherry start codon is indicated in italics, preceded by an identical ribosome binding site (RBS; italics) an XbaI restriction site (bold) and an identical 9 nt spacer sequence was introduced upstream of mCherry start codon. The −35 and −10 promoter region were identified (SoftBerry, BPROM) and are underlined. Primer binding sites for negative controls (for construction of negative controls without promoter) are underlined in dashed line. a PxylA; promoter of xylA gene from B. megaterium DSMZ 319 and promoter of repressor XylR. Operator sequences for XylR binding are underlined; cre sites (catabolite-responsive element) are highlighted. b PlacA; endogenous promoter of LacA from L. plantarum 3NSH and promoter of repressor LacR. LacR-binding site was identified (RegPrecise) and underlined, and putative cre-sites are highlighted. c PlacSynth; promoter P2083 from L. buchneri CD034 with artificially integrated operator binding sites with recommended distance of 93 nt (O1 and OiD from E. coli) are underlined (dotted line), terminator of lacI is underlined (solid line)

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