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Table 2 Escherichia coli strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Systems analysis of methylerythritol-phosphate pathway flux in E. coli: insights into the role of oxidative stress and the validity of lycopene as an isoprenoid reporter metabolite

Strain/plasmid Relevant characteristics References
E. coli WG1 E. coli K-12 wild type strain CGSC#: 5073
E. coli MG1655 F-, λ-, rph-1 CGSC#: 7740
E. coli MG1655* F-, λ rph-1, rpoS396(Am), see Table 1 CGSC#: 7740/this study
E. coli MG-rph+ MG1655-derivative Nuc5.dnaG.Q576A, rph + [60]/this study
E. coli Seq+ (KRE10000) MG1655 rph + Obtained from Donald Court, [23, 75]
E. coli BB E.coli B wild type strain CGSC#: 2507
E. coli REL606 F-, tsx-467 (Am)araA230lon, rpsL227 (strR), hsdR-, [mal + ] K-12 S) CGSC#: 12149
E. coli W E.coli W wild type strain ATCC: 9637 [29]
E. coli Mach1 Commercially available cloning host derived from E. coli W Invitrogen™
E. coli Nuc5.dnaG.Q576A.tolC- MG1655-derived MAGE strain used for markerless genome engineering [76], Addgene strain #41699
pAC-LYC04 cat, idi from H. pluvialis, crtEIB from P. agglomerans [77]
pTrc99SS bla, Ptrc, truncated MCS (derived from pTrc99a) [78]/this study
pT-dxs bla, Ptrc, optimized dxs from P. trichocarpa This study
pT-ispS (L70R) bla, Ptrc, optimized ispS from P. alba This study
pRpoS kan, PrpoS, rpoS from MG1655 (derived from pET28a) This study
pAra-KatE bla, ParaBAD, katE from E. coli MG1655 (derived from pKD46) This study/[79]