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Table 1 Genomic variation in the E. coli K-12 strains used in this study

From: Systems analysis of methylerythritol-phosphate pathway flux in E. coli: insights into the role of oxidative stress and the validity of lycopene as an isoprenoid reporter metabolite

Gene Position Type Effect MG1655a reference WG1b MG1655* Seq+
rpoS 2865477 SNP STOP C T T C
yedY 2038457 SNP Missense C A A C
ycnA 1335418 SNP Missense A G G A
yfcS 1169059 SNP Missense T C C T
lamB 4246613 Insertion unknown C C IS2 C
crl 257899 Insertion Frame shift IS1 No insertion No insertion IS1
gatABC 2171384 Deletion Loss of operon Deletion Deletion
glpR 3558477 Deletion Frame shift No FS No FS
rph 3813902 Insertion Frame shift G G
  1. aCGSC#: 7740, reference genome NC_000913.3
  2. bCGSC#: 5073, not all identified mutations are listed here