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Fig. 4

From: Oral delivery of Lactococcus lactis that secretes bioactive heme oxygenase-1 alleviates development of acute colitis in mice

Fig. 4

Effects of oral administration of NZ-HO on DSS-induced acute colitis in mice. A Experimental schedule for the in vivo experiment. B Chronological change in the DAI score (“Methods”) of mice in each group. Data are the mean + SE (n = 5–12). C On day 8, the colon length (i.e., just under the cecum to the anus) was measured. Data are the mean + SE (n = 5–12). D Representative images of the colon from the VC and HO groups are shown. Bars 1 cm. E Histogram of histological scores on day 8. Data are the mean + SE (n = 5–7). FI Representative images of HE-stained colonic sections indicating the average DAI for each group are shown for the NT (F), PBS (G), VC (H), and HO (I) groups. In the PBS and VC groups, inflammatory cell infiltration into the submucosa (arrows) and severe tissue damage (i.e., erosion and ulcers, hash) were observed. An increase in the number of inflammatory cells in the lamina propria was observed in the HO group (arrowhead). Bars 100 μm. Letters (i.e., a, b, c) represent significant differences (P < 0.01)

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