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Fig. 3

From: Bioreactor performance parameters for an industrially-promising methanotroph Methylomicrobium buryatense 5GB1

Fig. 3

Growth profile and gas uptake data with varying conditions. Gaseous substrate uptake was monitored for batch culture (grown on methane or methanol) and continuous culture (O2 or methane-limiting conditions). a Unrestricted growth profile with headspace O2 and methane concentration. Unrestricted growth rate for M. buryatense 5GB1, μmax = 0.224 h−1. b Unrestricted batch growth on methanol (air was continuously supplied) yielded slower growth compared to methane μ = 0.217 h−1. c Continuous growth under O2 limitation. The culture was supplied with a continuous gas stream at 100 sccm containing 5 % O2 and 20 % methane. Dilution rate was set to D = 0.122 h−1 and resulted in a stable cell dry weight concentration of ~700 mg L−1. d Continuous growth under methane limitation. A feed blend of 2.5 % methane in air was supplied at mass flow rate of 100sccm and dilution rate was fixed at D = 0.122 h−1. A stable cell density of ~400 mg L−1 resulted under these conditions

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