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Fig. 5

From: Genetic and nutrient modulation of acetyl-CoA levels in Synechocystis for n-butanol production

Fig. 5

Butanol production and growth rate of Xpfk strain at nitrogen replete (N+) and nitrogen deplete (N−) conditions. a Growth of butanol producing strains with (JA07) and without (JA04) Xfpk overexpression at nitrogen replete conditions. Panel: Specific growth rates calculated from slopes. b Time course of butanol accumulation. Phosphoketolase expression increased titer 1.7-fold at 8 days. c Butanol accumulation after 8 days. The specific production of butanol increased twofold at N+ when expressing an exogenous phosphoketolase (JA07). d Specific productivity of butanol over time. Phosphoketolase significantly increase specific productivity at one week of cultivation. Error bars represent SD of biological triplicates

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