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Fig. 1

From: De novo production of six key grape aroma monoterpenes by a geraniol synthase-engineered S. cerevisiae wine strain

Fig. 1

Growth and monoterpene production in YPD of recombinant wine yeast T73-4 expressing the O. basilicum GES gene. a Growth curves of T73Ges (YR377 and YR378) and control strains YR70 (T73-4 transformed with the empty plasmid) and T73. b Monoterpene production at 24 and 32 h by YR377, YR378 and controls. Numbers above the bars corresponding to 32 h indicate μg/L. Terpene concentrations are represented on a logarithmic scale. Results are presented as the mean and standard deviations of two independent assays with three replicates each.

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