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Table 1 Comparison of fermentation parameters of the wild type and recombinant strain in the growth and production of shikimic acid

From: Generation of aroE overexpression mutant of Bacillus megaterium for the production of shikimic acid

Condition Qv (g SA/L.h) Qp (mg SA/g cell mass.h) Y(X/S) (g/100 g) Y(P/S) (g/100 g)
Wild type 0.01 8.83 25 2.65
Recombinant 0.08 26.31 33.25 21
Fold 8 2.97 1.33 7.92
  1. QV = Volumetric productivity of shikimic acid
  2. QP = Specific product formation rate
  3. Y(X/S) = Cell mass yield
  4. Y(P/S) = Product yield w.r.t substrate