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Figure 5

From: Genome reduction boosts heterologous gene expression in Pseudomonas putida

Figure 5

Growth parameters and protein production kinetics for the strains under study in batch bioreactor cultures. Shown are the specific growth rate (μmax) for cells grown on (A) glucose and (B) citrate, as well as the effect of plasmid maintenance and heterologous protein production under these growth conditions. The accumulation of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) in cultures of the strains carrying pS234G was assessed during exponential growth on M12 minimal medium containing either glucose or citrate through (C) the maximum specific rate of GFP formation (πmax) and (D) the yield of GFP on biomass (Y GFP/X). The growth parameters and protein production kinetics were calculated based on three independent biological experiments conducted in triplicate, and the bars represent the mean value of the corresponding parameter ± standard deviations.

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