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Table 2 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Exploiting Issatchenkia orientalis SD108 for succinic acid production

Strains or plasmids Characteristics Reference or source
I. orientalis   
ATCC 24210 Wild type NRRL
SD108 Wild type This study
Io−ura3 SD108/ura3− This study
Io−ura3−+−ura3 Io−ura3/ura3−::ura3 This study
Io−ura3−+−SA Io−ura3/ura3−::ura3-succinic acid biosynthetic pathway This study
S. cerevisiae   
BY4741 MATa his3−0 leu2−0 met15−0 ura3−0 Reference [17]
PRT238 Wild type Offered by Dr. Peter Orlean
Classic Distiller’s Turbo Yeast Wild type Reference [18]
E. coli   
DH5− General cloning host Takara
BW25141 Cloning host Provided by Professor William Metcalf
pPK2 ColE1 ORI, Ampr, C. parapsilosis ARS7 ORI, CpURA3 Reference [19]
pPICZ−A With gene ble, encoding the zeocin resistance gene, under the control of Saccharomyces cerevisiae TEF1 promoter. Life Technologies
pPK2-zeocin Derived from pPK2, with zeocin expression cassette inserted at the region of ura3 expression cassette This study
pXZ1 Derived from pPK2, with C. parapsilosis ARS7 ORI deleted. This study
pXZ2 Plasmid which can be maintained in SD108 This study
pFRD With codon optimized frd gene for S. cerevisiae (Genbank accession number AAN40014) Synthesized by DNA 2.0
pRS415 Yeast centromere with LEU2 marker NEB
pRS415-A Derived from pRS415, with ura3 expression cassette added This study
pRS415-B Derived from pRS415, with pyc expression cassette added This study
pRS415-C Derived from pRS415, with mdh and fumr expression cassette added This study
pRS415-D Derived from pRS415, with frd expression cassette added This study
pRS415-E Derived from pRS415-A, with pyc, mdh, fumr and frd expression cassettes added This study