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Table 2 Sequence and localization of insertions present in Peb1 mutants

From: Two distinct regions in the model protein Peb1 are critical for its heterologous transport out of Escherichia coli

Plasmid Sequence Localizationa)
Plasmid Sequence Localizationa)
outside TAR1 and TAR2
Plasmid Sequence
D42 p4G5 DAAAV S173 p8C3 VRPHS A2 pC1B11 DAAAA
D42 p4G10 CGRID V174 p9B8 VRPHV H25 p4G8 CGRTH
D42 p8E2 CGRID D175 p2C3 CGRID R89 pC18B11 CGRKR
D42 p7F4 VAAAD L179 p3D9 LRPQL I105 p9G2 GAAAI
V43 p4B7 CGRNV L179 p3B7 LRPQL T133 pC4E1 MPRQT
V43 p9D5 AAAAV L180 p10B2 VRPQL E220 pC6B3 LRPQE
    L180 p8F7 VRPQL H221 pC7B5 CGRKH
    L180 p4B10 VRPQL H221 pC18H10 AAAEH
  1. a) amino acid residue after which the pentapeptide is inserted