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Table 1 Primers for qPCR method for determination of PCN in bacterium Escherichia coli containing plasmid pET3a

From: Improved determination of plasmid copy number using quantitative real-time PCR for monitoring fermentation processes

Target Primer sequence Position and sequence accession number Length Tm
plasmid 5'-CGGTTGCTGGCGCCTAT-3' 703–721 pET 3a, Novagen 17 bp 83°C
  5'-ACCATACCCACGCCGAAA-3' 780–797 pET 3a, Novagen 18 bp  
chromosome 5'-GCGAGCGATCCAGAAGATCT-3' 4044875 – 4044894 E. coli K12, Accession number U00096 20 bp 75°C
  5'-GGGTAAAGGATGCCACAGACA-3' 4044941–4044961 E. coli K12, Accession number U00096 21 bp