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Table 1 Biosynthetic and NADH regenerating enzyme activities in different strains of E. coli and S. cerevisiae

From: Whole-cell bioreduction of aromatic α-keto esters using Candida tenuis xylose reductase and Candida boidinii formate dehydrogenase co-expressed in Escherichia coli

strain XR activity [U/gCDW]1 NADH-dependent dehydrogenase activity [U/gCDW]1 NADH+-dependent
E. coli XR_FDH 256 85 (FDH)
E. coli FDH 0 408 (FDH)
S. cerevisiae XR2μ 35 174 (ADH)
S. cerevisiae wild-type 0 112 (ADH)
  1. 1Standard errors ≤ 15%.