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Figure 3

From: Characteristics and adaptability of iron- and sulfur-oxidizing microorganisms used for the recovery of metals from minerals and their concentrates

Figure 3

The arsenic resistance gene containing transposon, TnAtcArs, present in highly arsenic resistant strains of At. caldus [90]. The arsenic resistance genes are located between the inverted repeat sequences (IR), resolvase (tnpR) and transposase (tnpA) genes of the Tn21-like transposon. R, arsenic resistance regulator; C, arsenate reductase; D, upper-limit arsenic regulator; A, arsenite efflux-dependent ATPase; 7, ORF with a NADH oxidoreductase domain; 8, ORF with a CBS-like domain; B, membrane arsenite efflux transporter.

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