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Figure 1

From: Generation of human ER chaperone BiP in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Figure 1

Yeast vector pFDC-BiP for the expression of human BiP. pFDC vector contains one inducible expression cassette under control of Saccharomyces cerevisiae GAL7 promoter with corresponding transcription terminator and the other cassette under control of constitutive S. cerevisiae promoter PGK1 with corresponding transcription terminator. 2 μm DNA, 1.74 kb fragment of yeast 2 μm DNA. PGK1-P, PGK1 gene promoter ( - 1 to - 541 bp); PGK1-T, PGK1 gene transcription terminator (371 bp). GAL7-P, GAL7 gene promoter ( - 1 to - 716 nt); GAL7-T, GAL7 gene transcription terminator (381 bp); FDH1, FDH1 gene of Candida maltosa, conferring resistance to formaldehyde; bla – beta lactamase gene, conferring resistance to ampicillin; BiP – human BiP protein coding gene (HSPA5, GenBank: AF216292).

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