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Table 1 Genes potentially involved in glycerol metabolism in P. tannophilus

From: Expression and functional studies of genes involved in transport and metabolism of glycerol in Pachysolen tannophilus

Annotated function Gene name S. cerevisiae Gene name P. tannophilus Size (bp) Identity/Similarity Accession no.
Glycerol Facilitator ScFPS1 PtFPS1 1170 35/49 [GenBank:JQ481631]
   PtFSP2 972 32/51 [GenBank:JQ481632]
Glycerol Symporter ScSTL1 PtSTL1 1728 34/51 [GenBank:JQ481633]
   PtSTL2 1905 31/50 [GenBank:JQ481634]
Glycerol kinase ScGUT1 PtGUT1 1848 53/67 [GenBank:JQ481635]
G3P dehydrogenase ScGUT2 PtGUT2 1998 52/66 [GenBank:JQ481636]
Glycerol dehydrogenase ScGCY0031 PtGCY1 936 54/73 [GenBank:JQ481637]
   PtGCY2 933 51/70 [GenBank:JQ481638]
Dihydroxyacetone kinase ScDAK1 PtDAK 1767 42/58 [GenBank:JQ481639]
G3P dehydrogenase ScGPD1 PtGPD 1314 67/80 [GenBank:JQ481640]
G3-phosphatase ScGPP1 PtGPP 705 33/53 [GenBank:JQ481641]
  1. The potential genes were identified by performing a BLAST search with known S. cerevisiae genes as queries. Sequences were deposited in Genbank and the accession no. is listed in the table. Sizes given for P. tannophilus genes.