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Figure 4

From: A low-cost, multiplexable, automated flow cytometry procedure for the characterization of microbial stress dynamics in bioreactors

Figure 4

Follow-up of parallelized cultures of E. coli pfis::gfpAAV in 200 mL mini-bioreactors. The cultures have been initially carried out at 30°C and a sub-lethal heat shock at 42°C has been performed after 4.5 hours of culture. In the second and third mini-bioreactors, acetate and glucose pulse, respectively, were delivered. A: Evolution of optical density at 600 nm B: Recording of dissolved oxygen profiles. C: Monitoring the GFP signal under the control of the fis promoter and D: PI uptake by automated flow cytometry. E: Evolution of specific ATP (ATP content divided by optical density) after 4 h 30 min. Cultures were analysed in duplicate.

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