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Table 2 Kinetic parameters of EPS production by Pantoea sp. BM39 cultivated in shaken cultures on different media

From: Physiologic and metabolic characterization of a new marine isolate (BM39) of Pantoea sp. producing high levels of exopolysaccharide

  X (g/L) T (h) P (g/L) YP/S YP/X R (g/Lh)
EMF 11.94±1.02a 30 11.05±1.17a 0.14 0.93 0.37±0.04a
EMG 13.72±1.42a 24 21.30±2.03b 0.27 1.55 0.89±0.09b
EMS 13.06±0.94a 30 11.82±1.06a 0.15 0.91 0.39±0.04a
  1. Legend: X = maximum biomass; T = time of maximum EPS production; P = EPS production; YP/S = yield (product/substrate); YP/X = yield (product/biomass); R= productivity at time of maximum EPS production. Data are the means of three independent experiments ± SD. Values in same column followed by the same superscript letters are not significantly different (P<0.01) by the Tukey test.