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Table 2 Conditions used for the stoichiometric miniaturization strategy

From: A new stoichiometric miniaturization strategy for screening of industrial microbial strains: application to cellulase hyper-producing Trichoderma reesei strains

  bioreactor protocol fed-flask protocol miniaturization fold
Working volume (mL)   750 50 /15
Biomass concentration (g L-1)   17 7.5 /2.2
Feed composition lactose (g L-1)   250 50 /5
NH3 (mM)   (separate1) 160  
Feed rate (mL h-1)   2 0.3 /6.6
specific lactose feed rate (g g-1 h-1)   0.04 0.04 constant
  1. Experimental conditions for reference fed-batch production in bioreactor, and miniaturization fold applied for the design of the fed-flask protocol (at constant specific lactose feed rate). 1For bioreactor protocol, NH3 was added on demand by pH control system, whereas it was stoichiometrically mixed with the feed for fed-flask protocol (see Figure 3).