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Figure 1

From: Host cell and expression engineering for development of an E. coli ketoreductase catalyst: Enhancement of formate dehydrogenase activity for regeneration of NADH

Figure 1

Bioreductions of D-xylose catalyzed by whole cells and crude cell extracts of E. coli strains BL21_XR_FDH and Rosetta_XR_2FDH. Type of catalyst is indicated by symbols: Rosetta_XR_2FDH crude extract; Rosetta_XR_2FDH whole-cell catalyst; BL21_XR_FDH crude extract; BL21_XR_FDH whole-cell catalyst. Reaction conditions: D-xylose (250 mM), sodium formate (300 mM), cells (10 gCDW/L), 30°C.

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